No site, no logo, no society, no rules

We have been working together since 2001 having become close friends with a great connection both in our everyday and our work-life, which has allowed us to continue growing together.
In parallel with our professional lives we have also undertaken very diverse lines of work and interests. Due to this, in the past few years, even without a physical space, business name or website we have been able to develop some amazing projects.
There is a right time and place for all things to take place, and our journey…
starts now.





Daniele Melucci, RImini


"They're great, but I'm not entirely sure what it is they do"

La zia Anna della Valentina


"Mum, can I make a video?"

Emma, figlia della valentina


"These pedantic designers are real ball-breakers… but great!"

Renzo Bacchini, Tipografo


"The ultimate evolution of Riviera Romagnola-style"

Karen Balest, Londra


"Change Mauro's password!"

Manuel Martini, Rimini


"You mean you can't shop from this stupid website?"

Monica Mazza, Rimini


"Are you for real?"

Rossano Ronci, fotografo


"You mean they pay you to move photos around?"

Stefano, marito della chiara


"Such trendsters"

Stefano Savioli, Rimini


"Have you managed to print that stuff you did for me?"

Antonio, fratello della Chiara

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